What Is Islam?-Part I

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I have observed that people are quite eager to know more about Islam. This curiosity about Islam has been steadily on the rise since the so-called terror attacks were falsely attributed to Islam. I have since studied, researched and collected a lot of information and facts related to these slander campaigns. At the end of it all, I arrived at one conclusion.

Enemies of Islam

What I have understood is that no matter how hard the enemies of Islam try to degrade and slander this beautiful religion, Allah (s.w.t) always has a superior plan in place. As He says in Surah Anfaal, [8:18]

"what is islam"

  That [is so], and [also] that Allah will weaken the plot of the disbelievers.

The reason why I believe so is because obviously the disbelievers had planned to malign the image of Islam internationally and make people hate Islam forever. But little did they know that Allah (s.w.t) had much superior plans in store. He used the very same slander campaigns to make Islam more attractive to people.

Those who were not even remotely bothered about anything outside of their own religions (non-Islamic) suddenly developed an intense curiosity to know about this religion and started asking questions like “what is Islam all about”, What does Islam say about acts of terror” and so on.

And that is exactly how Allah (s.w.t) weakened the plot of disbelievers. He has power over everything and he can bring about goodness from evil and evil from goodness, if he so wills.

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I am a medical consultant, professional blogger and an online entrepreneur. I love to share my knowledge with my readers and in the proces if it could help even one person, I would consider it to be my good fortune.

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