5 Tips to Save More Money with Simple Lifestyle Changes

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Attempts to save money have always been an intimidating task for many. I personally know at least 5 people in my immediate vicinity, who cringe back at the mere mention of saving money.

No, don’t get me wrong! I do not intend to say that these people hate saving money. On the contrary, they are suckers for saving even the last cent on any purchase, if that is possible.

The only thing that intimidates them is the hard work behind all the financial planning and strong discipline that they have to teach themselves in order to save more money.

So today’s post will definitely be cause for rejoicing for all ‘those people’ and also the rest of us. Here are a few easy and practical ways to save more money by making 5 simple changes in to your current lifestyle.

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Let Your Creative Juices Flow

The rationale behind my choice to always speak about food in the first instance, whenever I discuss tips to save money is because it undeniably has jeopardized way too many monthly budgets around the globe.

Speaking of food, pick your brain and tell me the most common reason that motivates you to eat out. I am sure that your opinion matches mine. For me (and hopefully for you too) it is almost always the boredom of eating the same kind of homemade foods and any chance at enjoying yummy and exotic food in a nice setting is very welcome.

The remaining part of the time, it is the reluctance to cook at home, maybe because you are dead tired or you just are bored of cooking.

Dining out can sneakily make a hole in your monthly budget, before you could even realize it. The best way to tackle this menace is to become more creative in your kitchen. You really do not have any excuses, with so many awesome exotic and varied recipes being found absolutely free and easily on the internet.

Let me warn you that doing anything alone will soon tire you out and you may even lose the motivation to cook new dishes if they take up lot of time and effort on your part. Rope in your hubby and your kids to share the responsibilities and transform cooking of any new dishes into a family affair.

Sharing is Saving

I am sure that no matter how much fun you have with your new and exotic recipes at home, you will definitely give in to your urges at least once a month and eat out. No problem, don’t flog yourself for having let go. Instead make it a point to share food with your friends or your family members.

When you are eating out in a huge group (of family members or friends), you will get to taste a lot of dishes and you finally end up eating lesser portions. Another advantage is that when you have friends sharing the food with you, it is obvious that they will share the bill as well.  So, you get to taste many more dishes and need to pay lesser; sounds cool right?

Get Rid of Unnecessary Phone Expenses

Do you really need to pay monthly rental charges for your landline when everyone in your family owns a cell phone? In case you need to keep that landline of yours, do you really need a caller ID or call waiting service? Get rid of what you think is redundant and see how you manage to save quite a few dollars every month

Sell to Save

Yeah, you read that right. I am sure your house is like everybody else’s house, where there are at least a dozen of unused, unwanted and outgrown stuffs that are lying around at any given time.

It is time to tidy up your house and get rid of all that junk, in exchange for some dollars. You can easily find clients online at any of the popular online selling sites like eBay.

Reclaim Your Hard Earned Money

Many of us have repented over some of the impulse purchases that we may have made in the heat of the moment. You know it is tough to overcome those killer urges when sellers display stuff in a tempting manner in the shop windows.

No problem, it is not late yet, provided that you have not started using them as soon as you got home.

Return some of the items that you may have purchased on impulse and re-claim your hard earned money back.

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