5 Tips for Hair Growth after Cutting it Short

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So you had an urge to cut your hair short and now you want tips for hair growth and are now thinking that your short hair is taking too long. Although short hair is the trend in the modern day, women still wish that they could have long, healthy, beautiful hair.

But sadly, hair takes time to grow and there are a lot of factors that affect our hair growth.

But never worry, my friend! There are tons of natural and easy ways to maximize your hair growth potential and have that beautiful long hair you’ve always wanted!

 "tips for hair growth"

#1 Massage Your Scalp

 A good scalp massage will increase blood circulation that enriches the skin with nutrients and oxygen that helps in strengthening the roots for good hair growth.

Studies say that massaging your scalp at least three times a week can boost your hair growth potential and make your hair stronger from the roots avoiding breakage that can hinder your hair growth.

#2 Washing Your Hair Everyday Is A Big No, No!

 It may sound disgusting to some people but this tip for hair growth is true. You should never wash your hair everyday especially if you use strong shampoos and products to clean your hair. Doing so will strip your hair of natural oils that help promote growth of thick and strong hair.

 Leaving natural oils will condition your hair without the use of chemicals.

#3 Drink Lots Of Water

 You might be thinking, “What the hell is this supposed to do?”

 Well you see, drinking water helps remove toxins from the body. Toxins that affect numerous parts of our body such as our hair. As one of the tips for hair growth, drinking water will hydrate your body thus hydrating your hair as well making it stronger and healthier which translates to faster hair growth.

 Dry hair is prone to breakage and damage which hinders hair growth and strength.

#4 Protein Rich Food Is Food For The Hair

 Did you know that hair is made up of protein?

So it’s right for me to say that eating protein is good for the hair and scalp.

Eating protein rich food is one of the great hair growth boosters; it is one of the best nutrients for great hair. Protein strengthens hair and repairs its damages from styling tools and worldly factors such as combing, pollution, heat, harsh shampoos and conditioners, blow drying, straightening, curling, etc.

Making a small shift in your diet to include protein rich foods can contribute greatly for your hair growth.

#5 To Grow Hair You Must Trim It

 Sounds ironic but it’s true. You must trim your hair to remove the split ends that may work their way up to the roots and cause more damage. Trimming your hair might seem counterproductive but it’s the best tip for hair growth, actually. Removing dead and dull hair will make way for new stronger and healthier hair.

So instead of shunning yourself from hair salons, you should definitely consider getting a hair trim every three months to maintain a healthy hair free from split ends and continuous breakage.

 Hair growth differs from every person. There are people who are lucky enough to have a fast hair growth rate and there are some who just have trouble growing their hair out. These tips for hair growth are all natural and easy to follow. Why not try one of these and see the difference.

 There is no quick and instant way of growing hair. It takes patience and a healthy lifestyle for you to achieve the maximum result and keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

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