5 Parenting and Child Development Facts You Must Know

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Parenting is a tough job; no one ever said that it was gonna be easy. The toughest part of parenting for me is the intense responsibility that comes along with being a parent.

Parenting is a Huge Responsibility

"parenting and child development"

As a parent you are not only involved in child development, but are also going to be held accountable for the way your child turns out to be. That to me is something incredibly huge.

As if being accountable for one’s own actions and decisions as an adult was not enough, as soon as you hear your newborn’s first cries, yet another load of responsibility gets thrust onto your already drooping shoulders!

Keep Calm and Stop Worrying

Okay enough of the gloomy stuff; now let me brighten up your day a bit. I know I already ruined your day with the heavy thoughts in the introduction and I am really sorry for that.

But honestly speaking, parenting can be made slightly easier if you stop worrying about messing up the child development part.

Read on to know 5 important facts or should I rather say useful tips to parenting and child development?

1) Parenting Must Be Adaptable

One important fact about getting child development right is that you are dealing with a human being who is growing, developing and changing with each new day. You obviously cannot be rigid in your parenting style.

Some parents do make this huge folly and try to make their children adapt to their pre-planned parenting style, which in most cases was thought out or learnt during pregnancy itself or at the very latest- a few days within the arrival of the newborn.

2) Don’t Fear Challenges

As a parent, your worst fear comes true on realizing that your child is not responding to your parenting styles, in the way you planned it to be. Relax; this is not the end of the world. I say this with conviction because I have been there and done that. You must know that I am mommy to twin daughters, who are recently into their teens.

I am not ashamed to admit that I have done the very same mistake a few years back. I had pushed myself into a deep pit of despair and anguish when my twins seemed to do EVERYTHING that they were told not to and did NOTHING what I told them to.

But then I sat down and looked at the situation from a new perspective. Very soon I understood that it was not the end, but the beginning. It was the beginning of a new challenge. I understood that if my kids’ behavior was not changing, then I needed to change, my parenting style needed to change.

So, I now pass on this golden advice to you new parents out there-do not fear challenges. They are a part and parcel of life in general and parenting in particular.

3) Be Strong Enough to Accept Your Mistakes

I already hinted in the introduction of this post itself that parenting is a huge responsibility. You cannot expect to sail through parenting without making mistakes. Foolishness is not when you make a mistake, but rather when you vehemently deny that you ever made one.

Don’t be adamant and stubborn, because parents are also humans and it is human nature to err. Just accept them and try your level best to learn from your mistakes. Don’t ever repeat your mistakes, just look at them as a learning and turning point in your life. Pledge to yourself, right now, yeah right at this very moment, that you will NOT allow any of your future mistakes to pass by without teaching you something. Find out what went wrong and do it differently next time.

4) Your Child’s Response is Your Best Clue

Your child will respond in some way to your parenting style. It could be either encouraging or discouraging to you, depending upon what you expected to achieve.  Your child’s response is your best clue. Make the most of it to evaluate your parenting style and assess if it needs a bit of tweaking, major changes or total discard.

5) Don’t Forget Child Development

Do not ever let yourself forget that your parenting has just one aim, and that is to encourage child development. Sometimes over the long years of struggles, tears and despairs that are so commonly involved in rearing a child, parents often overlook this important fact. Many a times the entire exercise reduces to counting of years until your child is going to be officially an adult.

Parenting is not just feeding, clothing, educating and sheltering a human being from birth to the age of majority. You must ensure that you did your best in transforming an ignorant infant to a mature and sensible adult, who in turn has the capacity to take on the oncoming responsibility of rearing a child on their own.


Parenting and child development are things to be considered always together. There may be different parenting styles across the globe, but certain facts are common to all of them. This post attempts to highlight 5 of the most important of these facts.

I plan to write more on parenting and child development in the near future and I hope you will check back for updates.

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I am a medical consultant, professional blogger and an online entrepreneur. I love to share my knowledge with my readers and in the proces if it could help even one person, I would consider it to be my good fortune.

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