How to Deal With Family as a Newly Converted Muslim

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Before I begin writing anything, I would like to congratulate you on becoming a Muslim. Alhamdulillah, you have been guided by Allah (s.w.t) towards the right religion-Islam. By converting to Islam you have opened your doors to Jannah, Inshaa Allah!

New Muslim / Alien?

I will Inshaa Allah write the story of my conversion to Islam someday soon, but as for now let me inform you that none of my relatives are on Islam, yet. I understand how tough your position is right now, where you feel like an odd person amidst your own kith and kin, who are non-Muslims.

You enter the room where your parents, siblings and grandparents and other similar close relatives are present, and suddenly the expression on all of their faces change. Their looks start piercing you, and you suddenly feel like an alien from Planet Neptune.

Jannah is Priceless!

Having to go through such unnerving family dramas on a regular basis is not an easy thing. But then, no one said that being a new Muslim is easy. Jannah is the ultimate reward for your unwavering belief and sincere devotion to Allah (s.w.t) and the final destination for eternal pleasures and everlasting comforts.

In the Duniyah (in this world) more luxurious the item you want to possess, costlier it gets. Similarly, when the reward is priceless, you must expect to pay a dearer amount, isn’t it?

A newly converted Muslim is undoubtedly subjected to higher trials and tribulations because of his/ her Deen (religion) than a regular Muslim who is practicing Islam since birth. But my dear brothers and sisters, whenever Allah (s.w.t) subjects you to such trials and tribulations, please do not despair.

Please do not lose hope. Please do not begin to start doubting your decision to enter the folds of Islam, because you are going to be Inshaa Allah compensated beyond measure for all of this.

And if this too does not comfort you, just remind yourself that the Ashraful Makhlukaath (the best of creations) and Habeebullah (One whom Allah (s.w.t) loves)-i.e. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) was ALSO tested by Allah (s.w.t).

How to Deal with Non-Muslim Relatives?

Who else to turn to for counsel other than Allah (s.w.t) who is Ar-Rasheed (One who guides towards virtue) and also Al-Haadi (One who gives guidance)? Allah the Almighty mentions in the Holy Quran (in other words) to maintain kind and merciful behavior with parents. Some of the verses are 17:23 , 31:14 and 14:41

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