5 Tips on How to Apply Makeup like a Pro

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A lot of girls still experience problems on how to apply makeup on their faces. There are tons of ways on doing it but I’m sure you’ve asked this question,

“How do the pros do it?”

These five suggestions have come from the pros themselves as to how to apply makeup and achieve professional results.


#1 Know Your Tools

If you already know how to apply makeup then I am pretty sure you know the basic tools – brushes, sponges, etc. Professional makeup artists say that any artist must know how to use their makeup tools properly to use them at the fullest and to make the most out of them. It doesn’t matter if your tool is branded or not, the important thing is you know how, when, and where to use them.

Knowing your tools puts you at an advantage and will definitely help you a whole lot in getting that groomed look without looking made-up.


#2 Skincare First Before Anything Else

Professionals swear by this tip.

Before applying makeup, make sure you cleanse your face and exfoliate if possible. This will remove dead skin cells and make your skin appear smoother. Professional makeup artists never skip this step as this is vital to achieve a flawless look after applying makeup.

Moisturizing the skin is also part of the skincare as it shields the skin from harsh chemicals that might be present in the makeup you are using. No one would want to put makeup on a flaky skin!



#3 Primer

Did you know that makeup primer is actually one of the best secret ingredients that will give professional make-up looks? Putting on primer is like putting on a smooth layer on top of your skin so the makeup you will be applying afterwards will look smooth and flawless.

Not only will it make your skin smoother, there are also types of makeup primer that will help the makeup you have applied on your face stay longer. No need to retouch every minute! Saves you a lot of time and it will save unnecessary wastage of your make-up products. This is a good tip especially if the products you are using are expensive or hard to get.

Primers first before anything else!


#4 Blend, Blend, Blend

One of the best tips on how to apply makeup is blending.

What do I mean by that?

Contouring, bronzing, and highlighting has been a craze for makeup artists for the last few years up until now. Blending in your bronzer, contour, and highlight will give you the illusion of a natural and radiant looking skin.

Professional makeup artists say that this is their “magic” wand. Blending is essential as it not only helps you get a professional look but also maintains a natural radiance.



#5 Always Finish With A Poof!

…of powder! To get a finished professional makeup look, set everything on your face with a loose translucent powder.

This will make the skin look matte and well-finished!

Setting powder not only sets makeup, it also minimizes fine lines and pores to keep your makeup perfect and long lasting. Every tutorial on how to apply makeup finishes off with a setting powder to “lock in” your foundation, concealer, etc.

There are tons of tips on how to apply makeup like a professional. Just remember that your makeup tools are your defining point. You may have all the tools and makeup in the world but if you don’t know a thing about them or you don’t know the basics on how to use them then you can never achieve the pro look.

Always remember to take care of your skin because no matter how much makeup you apply, you can never hide an unhealthy skin! This is actually one of the things professionals would always point out as people often forget them thinking that makeup can always cover up. Just remember that makeup can only do much; makeup is used to enhance your beauty not cover up everything!

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