5 Tips to Nail Your Make-up For a Date

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Going on a date for girls require hours of preparation especially if you don’t know the basics on how to put on makeup. For guys, they just put on some clothes, fix their hair and voila! All done.


 "make-up for a date"

We’re a different story. Sure we can wear all the great dresses we have and fix our hair but our ensemble is never complete without a touch of makeup.

So how do you put on makeup for a date?

#1 What Kind of Date?

 Is it a dinner date at a fancy restaurant? Is it a walk in the park kind of date? Or is it a ticket for two at the movies?

Before you decide on what make up you’ll be putting on your face, know where you’re going. Just like outfits, makeup has its appropriate times as well.

He says it’s a surprise? Nothing beats a natural look. If you are not sure what to put on, go the natural way. Light brown eye shadow and a lip balm or even simple eyeliner for the top lash line and a light blush can do wonders no matter what occasion or whatever place your date will take you.

#2 Prerequisites of Make-up

 One tip that everybody, professional makeup artist or not, will advise on how to put on makeup is to never ever forget to moisturize first.

Would you rather have flaky looking makeup spoil your glow? Before putting on your foundation or any makeup, make sure to moisturize your face. Not only will it make your skin healthy, it will give you a radiant glow.

Even if your makeup fades or washes off, you will have smooth and healthy looking skin. Good look for dates especially on casual ones where you don’t need too much makeup on.

#3 Primers and Concealers

Nobody has perfect skin. So what do we do? We fake it. I’m not talking about expensive surgeries or a trip to the cosmetologist. I’m talking about the power of makeup – primers and concealers.

If you know the basics of how to put on makeup, then you’ll know what a primer and a concealer is. A primer will keep the oil of your face at bay while making your face a smooth canvas for your foundation.

A concealer on the other hand will hide blemishes and help even out your skin tone. These two will greatly make your skin look radiant and healthy in a snap.

#4 Make Sure You Look Like ‘You’

 When you put on your makeup and be done with it, make sure you still resemble how you normally look. Makeup is used to enhance your beauty not transform your entire look.

If you overdo your makeup and you look miles away from your original look, it will send a bad impression to your date.

It is possible that he might even end up passing snarky comments about how you look all painted up and finally you are going to end up feeling uncomfortable during your date.

 Putting on makeup is fun and easy, especially nowadays, as there are thousands of tutorials online on how to put on makeup but always remember that your look should be ‘you.’

#5 Less Is More – Emphasize Only One Area of the Face

In the real world, men prefer ladies with less makeup and with a more natural look. It doesn’t mean you don’t need to wear makeup; just don’t go over the top or be too dramatic. Wear natural colors and colors matching your complexion. If you want your date to focus on your eyes then go for bold eyes, keep your lips nude or in light shades.

The same goes for the opposite. If you’re wearing bold red lipstick, then go subtle with your eye makeup. This will make your date focus on your luscious lips instead. Never go full blast on both! Your date will probably have a hard time focusing on any one part of your face.

If you already know how to put on makeup then you already know the saying, “Natural with a touch of glamour.” If you don’t then, you’re welcome.


If you are having a hard time thinking on how to put on makeup, just remember that your makeup should be subtly beautiful. Makeup on your date shouldn’t be too empowering, instead it should look fresh and radiant. It should enhance your natural beauty not overpower it.

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