How Do You Know If You Have An STD? 5 Tips to Help You Along

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With so much talk about sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and infections nowadays, almost everyone tends to wonder about their sexual health. For any sexually active individual, the burning question that kills peace of mind would be, “how do you know if you have an STD”.

Well, that’s not an easy answer, especially if you are a layperson with no medical knowledge. But don’t you worry, because I got you covered with a simplified explanation of the medical facts.

"how to know if you have an std"

1) Pain During Sex

This is one of the most noticeable symptom that is associated with many of the sexually transmitted diseases. Considering that it reminds you every time you indulge in sexual intercourse, this certainly is the most hard to miss indication as well.

If you notice anything like this and you have no external or internal injury/ wound that can explain this painful sex, then you need to get yourself tested for STD at the earliest.

2) Dysuria or Pain While Passing Urine

Another symptom that is hard to miss and probably more troublesome is pain while passing urine. Since you pass urine more often than you have sex, this is certainly the most nagging warning that you should pay attention to if you are concerned about having a STD.

But painful urination is not exclusively limited to sexually transmitted infections. It can be an indication of kidney stones as well. But either way, you should not ignore this symptom and seek immediate medical attention.

3) Itching or Rash Around Your Genitals

This is another STD alert that is hard to miss or one that does not allow you to miss. What could be more suspicious of trouble than a stubborn genital rash that itches and creates discomfort? This is a clear warning if this rash has developed after a recent sexual incident.

But as with the painful urination, a rash or itching discomfort in and around the genitals could also be due to an allergy, a part of a general skin disorder like eczema or psoriasis and sometimes a non-sexual disease like Diabetes.

Nevertheless, you cannot ignore any of the conditions that cause a genital rash and you better get expert medical opinion about it ASAP.

4) Discharge / Smell From Genitals

Yeah, this is not only frightening but embarrassing as well. If you notice an unusual discharge which is colored or blood stained and smells awful, it should ring an STD alert bell in your mind. Do not let your embarrassment prevent you from seeking timely medical intervention.

5) Fever and Fatigue

Fever, fatigue and weakness can be a symptom of a variety of diseases, but if this has developed right after your recent sexual encounter, then it signifies trouble. It can get quite confusing to distinguish between a common flu and cold, especially if it is winter and everyone you know is suffering from fever and fatigue.

But smart people never take risks when it comes to health matters. Set up an appointment with you physician and get the diagnosis confirmed at the earliest.

STD Testing at Home

Sexually transmitted diseases are quite different from other diseases, because there are other factors like embarrassment and social stigma associated with them.

More often than not, people ignore even the most hard core STD alert symptoms, just to avoid embarrassment of going through a STD test and waiting on tenterhooks for the results.

STD testing at home has been made possible to combat these issues and you must take advantage of a STD home test if you suffer from any of the above mentioned 5 symptoms.

These STD home tests are not only reliable and offer complete privacy, but also are comprehensive and can test for all the STDs with one single test, including HIV.

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