5 Tips to Eating a Healthy Breakfast

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Breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day and the entire population can be divided into 2 distinct groups when it comes to taking a decision about this meal. On one hand, you find those who will NOT give up their chance of eating a healthy breakfast at any cost.

On the other hand you have the diet conscious or I would rather say the food conscious folks, who think that breakfast is not only unnecessary but eating breakfast also hinders their attempts at losing weight.

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Healthy Breakfast Calories

A healthy breakfast should provide between 300-500 calories and in case you are trying to lose weight quickly, you should actually consume more calories for breakfast.

Well, this does sound a bit contradictory but several studies have revealed that people who skip breakfast actually gain weight.

A study conducted on a group of 2000 young girls between ages 9 and 19 revealed the fact that the ones who ate breakfast regularly had a lot less to complain about their body weight. The irregular breakfast eaters had approximately 13 % more chance of suffering from excess body weight issues.

What Is a Healthy Breakfast?

While on one hand you are being given the liberty of consuming 300-500 calories for breakfast, it is very important to note that anything that you pile on your plate and adds up to 500 calories cannot be called as a healthy breakfast. It is always better to play safe and choose the healthier foods for breakfast.

Healthy Breakfast Options

Some of your options for a healthy breakfast are fruits, wholegrain foods and veggies.

I will tell you one solid fact about these wholegrain foods. Did you know that these foods are actually a boon to anyone who is trying to lose weight or even if just trying to eat healthy.

The reason for their goodness is that wholegrain foods are not energy dense, so you may eat more of these foods without running the risk of pumping in too many calories. In other words, eating more of whole grains can be safely adopted as part of your healthy breakfast.

Foods to Avoid in a Healthy Breakfast

We all have different body types and different metabolic rates. Add to that, the difference in our lifestyles and physical activity levels. Some of us just can’t wait even until we get out of bed to eat our breakfasts, while most of us do not feel hungry until noon.

For those who cannot wait for breakfast, the chances of eating unhealthy are really high because you obviously are going to rely on fast food or food that is super quick to put together. If it is a fruit or cereal that you are having, it is okay but keep away from the heavily buttered toasts, cheese sandwiches and of course the sugar laden doughnuts.

When to Eat Your Healthy Breakfast?

Nutrition experts unanimously agree that your breakfast must be completed latest by 9 am. As you already know, your body has been fasting or denied food since dinner. Usually people consume their dinners at least 2 hours before bedtime and the next 8 hours or so are spent in sleeping. So that adds upto 12 hours of fasting for your body until you wake up.

Delaying your breakfast any further only adds to the period of fasting. It is not at all wise to deprive your body of food / energy for longer periods as the body misinterprets it as starvation and will hold the fats that you will consume later on, in an attempt to save stocks for a rainy day.

The best time to eat breakfast is within 1-2 hours of waking up and you should make it a point to eat a healthy breakfast throughout your life, for consistent results.


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