5 Tips To Add Meaning To Life By Magnifying Character

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Life is a gift that we often take for granted. Why is that? I think it is because we got it for free, without spending a dime of money or an atom of effort of our own.

Anyone who is alive (and not dead yet) can be considered as living, but this kind of living is merely existence because it denotes going with the flow and quietly accepting whatever comes on along the way.

Is this the kind of life that we should aim for? Don’t we owe ourselves something better? Shouldn’t we at least try to add meaning to life and make it better?

"add meaning to life"

What Makes Life Better?

Well, there is no single right answer to that. Expect to get as many different answers to this question as the number of people who answer it. But overall there are certain common things that the majority of the population tends to accept as ingredients of a better life.

The first on the list is definitely longevity, and then next comes in money, good health, career, education, love, happiness, spirituality, contentment and so on.


Tips To Make Life Worth Living

If you are really fed up of the laid back existence and want to turn your life around and make it worth living, then you need to look beyond the materialistic things. No amount of money or an outstanding career can add meaning to life. To be able to do that, you need to develop certain traits. Here are 5 tips for you to take inspiration from:


1) Value Sincerity Above All Things

Sincerity is the basis of life and you must strive to maintain this in all aspects of your life. Some people are very particular about displaying sincerity and integrity, but that is only reserved for situations when they are in public.

Back at home, when they are all alone with their own selves, the picture is quite different. Do not be like these people. Sincerity should be maintained at all times and at all costs, in public and in private.


2) Uphold Justice In Every Situation

You face a variety of situations in life where your decisions are put to test. You may have to mediate between family members, friends, colleagues or employees. It is very easy to falter in such situations. The decisions you mete out when you are faltering inside may not be in the good interests of everyone involved, and that is definitely not something you want to do if you are seeking a better life.

Try your level best to be just and fair in all situations and with everyone, irrespective of how they make you feel. Do not be unjust to others because they make you angry or be partial with others who make you happy.


3) Moderation Is Best

No matter what your age is now, you surely have lived enough to realize that life is very unpredictable. It is possible to be rolling in riches one day and then go back to being penniless and homeless the other. That is how life rolls; you ought to put up with that.

There are many people who tend to forget this crucial aspect of life. Those are the ones who go on a crazy spending spree during financial abundance and then go literally crazy when austerity strikes. The wisest among us are the ones who have mastered the knack of moderation.

They always take the middle ground, when it comes to money. That does not mean they are stingy. They spend only on what is necessary and make this moderation a habit for life, irrespective of their financial ups and downs. Guess what; they are the ones who face the least risk of financial turbulence because they are well equipped with savings.


4) Uphold The Trust

It is very hard to get people to trust you, because they expect you to be of sound, reliable and honest character before they can place their confidence in you. Intensity of trust that people place in you, does vary according to many factors like levels and natures of their interactions and connections with you, nature of their relationship with you, the circumstances under which you interact with them, your general reputation and so on.

Considering how tough it is to gain the confidence of another human being, you should try your level best to uphold the trust placed in you.


5) Speak The Truth

“The truth” Dumbledore sighed. “It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great caution.”- J.K.Rowling

Not everyone can handle the truth very well. No wonder why there are so few takers for truth. But truthfulness can be a great asset to your character and will in turn make following 3 of the above 4 tips much easier. Except moderation which is tip # 3, rests of the 4 tips are all fundamentally based on truthfulness.



Implementing all of these tips into your life may take some time, especially if you currently are not as familiar with these concepts as you would like to be. But believe me; you will definitely see an overwhelming change in your life, if you successfully apply them to your character. The quality of life that you will enjoy after implementing these tips is going to be matchless.








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