5 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While Enjoying Your Vacation

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How do you enjoy your vacation thoroughly if all that wanders through your mind is whether you have left your home safe from burglar attacks? Now that the holiday season is fast approaching, and it is time for long vacations, I am sure many of you will appreciate these 5 tips to keeping your home safe and protected.

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5 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe and Protected from Burglars


1) Inform the Nearest Police Station

The local police station is probably the last thing on our minds while preparing for our vacations. But here’s why it is a good idea to visit the police before leaving your home unattended. When you inform them about your vacation plans, the police will stay alert and make it a point to keep an eye on your home during their usual neighborhood patrols.

2) Ask a Neighbor to Help

You should always keep your neighbors informed when you plan to be away from home for more than 2/3 days. Request them to help in keeping your home safe. You can request them to watch out for any suspicious activity in or around your house in your absence. You can additionally provide them with a spare key so that they can check in and see if anything is amiss, once in 2/ 3 days while you are gone.

3) Hire a House Sitter

If you have close friends, neighbors or relatives who wish well for you, you will not have to spend money on house sitting. If none of them are free or willing to help you, go ahead and hire someone who will do it for money. But ensure that you are not hiring people from questionable sources like for example Craigslist, or it could turn out to be more dangerous rather than keeping your home safe.

The best options are hiring someone from the neighborhood itself, someone whom you know personally and will be glad to get some money in return. Maybe your neighbor has a college going son / daughter?

4) Invest in Timers for Your Lights

Timers are an inexpensive way to fool burglars into thinking that someone is at home even in your absence. Just set the timings to that of your normal routine. I would like to clarify an important fact at this point.

Many people suggest leaving your lights on at night to fool thieves into thinking someone is at home. But let us face the facts. Do you really think that burglars are so dumb as to not smell something fishy when a single house in the entire neighborhood is lit up like a Christmas tree while others have their lights out? Invest in digital timers for your home to automatically switch on and off the power supply at fixed times of the night/ day.

Leaving your lights on for the whole night during the entire span of your vacation can actually be a sure shot welcome sign for burglars to break in and plunder everything. Moreover, you would be facing a double whammy when you return from vacation. If your house has been burgled, you will have to face the losses and to top it, you’ll have a hefty electricity bill as well.

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5) Don’t Send Out Invites to Burglars

I know what you are thinking, but no, I did not write the previous sentence by mistake. But you still want to argue that no one in his / her right senses ever can invite a burglar into their homes, right? Wrong! Did you know that the modern advances in technology have forced burglars to stay updated with Facebook, Twitter and other such popular social media sites?

You may innocently display a Facebook status that screams out all about your upcoming 3 week vacation or send out a tweet on Twitter regarding the vacation. Do not be naive and think that only your friends / followers are reading these updates. Burglars do source many sensitive details from such updates and info shared on social sites and the use it to plan a break in. So keep the fact discreet that you are leaving your home unattended.


“Prevention is always better than cure”. Following these 5 safety tips cannot guarantee to keep your home safe, but can prevent a lot many disasters from happening. Police statistics reveal that almost 90 % of the break in cases are due to inadequate safety measures.

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