5 Tips to Get a Lower Electricity Bill

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Seeing how costly power is, I am sure no one welcomes the arrival of their electricity bill each month. But no matter how desperately you wish, your electricity bill is never gonna disappear entirely (unless you are 100 % powered on solar / wind/ any other alternative energy sources).

But you definitely can learn a few tricks to lower your electricity expenses each month.

Here Are 5 Tips to Get a Lower Electricity Bill

1) Avoid Wastage

Yeah, I know you think this is too obvious. But hold that smirk on your face, because there are so many different ways in which we waste electricity each day. Do you always remember to switch off the lights / fans / other electrical gadgets when not in use?

The remote control has contributed a lot in power wastage and high electricity bills, in my opinion. Most of us use the remote control to turn off our TVs, ACs, DVD players and such electrical appliances.

The other appliances that do not have a remote are also frequently left on standby mode like the computers, printers, cable TV receiver / converter, washing machines, electrical ovens etc. Even though the power consumption by these appliances in standby mode is not very high, yet it can make a difference if you have many of them left on standby mode for hours together.

In case you want to find out the exact amount of electricity that each of these appliances use, you can refer to this research.

2) Buy Energy Efficient Electrical Appliances

Energy efficiency is an important criterion to be used while purchasing new electrical appliances. In case you are wondering what is energy efficiency, then here is a short explanation. Energy efficiency means capability of an electrical device to display performance while consuming lower amounts of electricity.

So energy efficiency of appliances needs to be the most crucial benchmark while comparing different brands, when almost all of the other features and price seem to be the same. The easiest way to buy energy efficiency appliances is by looking for the energy star rating.

Latest models of washing machines, air-conditioners, fridges and dishwashers have another rating called the CEE rating. There are 3 levels of CEE rating- I, II and III and obviously the appliances with CEE III rating are the best in energy and water efficiency.

The best appliances are the ones with both highest number of Energy stars and CEE III ratings.

3) Replace Your Incandescent Bulbs with CFLs

CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs) save energy, are energy efficient and good in situations where there are extended periods of use.

CFLs need extra care while handling and especially when they break into pieces. Refer these CFL clean up and disposal guidelines laid down by the US Environmental Protection Agency for detailed info.

4) Use Your Electrical Appliances More Responsibly

While the previous tip suggests using a CFL to lower your electricity bill, there are some points that you need to know about using them responsibly. Switching on and off of a CFL actually consumes a little bit more power than an incandescent bulb (approximately the electricity taken up for 5 seconds of usage of incandescent bulbs).

It is necessary to install these CFLs where the expected usage is going to exceed 5 minutes in order to avoid this excess drain on electricity and also to ensure longer lifespan of these bulbs.

Almost 7 % of the total electricity usage by your refrigerator is spent in opening its doors. Remember this each time you pull the doors of your refrigerator open. Also, the longer you leave the doors open, more is the electricity consumed. This tip should remind you to spend the least possible time in taking out contents from your fridge.

Always place your refrigerators and freezers as far away from heat emanating appliances like stoves or ovens, as much as possible.

Most of the water heaters have factory settings for the thermostat at 140 degrees. This is not necessary because water boils at approximately 100 degrees. You can change the thermostat default settings from 140 to 120 degrees to reduce the power consumption.

Ensure that your washing machine fills up water only according to the load of clothes being washed. Mostly, all of us have a default water level setting that the washing machine uses each time we wash our clothes in it. If you are washing lesser clothes on some days, reduce the level of water accordingly.

5) Regular Maintenance of Your Electrical Appliances is Important

Not many of us know that a silly thing like dust accumulating on the coils of the refrigerator can drive up its power consumption. Vacuum the coils regularly in order to prevent this dirt layer from covering the coils.

Never allow ice to build up to a height of more than quarter inch in your freezers. Defrost your freezers regularly.

If there is any leakage of cold air from the fridge due to a damaged or worn out door gasket, replace it immediately without any delay.


Getting a lower electricity bill is the dream of many homeowners, especially in the USA, where average electricity bills range between $ 344. 37 in Houston and $ 155.57 in San Diego (according to National Services Averages 2011)

These 5 tips if diligently implemented will definitely save you considerable amounts of money on your subsequent electricity bills.

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