5 Tips to Deal With Depression Without Medication

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Depression is something that is quite a common term being used nowadays. You see kids as young as 8 and 9; use the term depression a lot in their conversations. I am not saying that they actually understand what depression is, but they definitely are experiencing some of the emotions associated with it.

There are a lot of terms that are used to describe depression like clinical depression, major depression, unipolar depression, unipolar disorder, recurrent depression, and major depressive disorder (MDD).

"deal depression without medications"

What is Depression?

Depression is described as an overwhelming state of sadness that a person keeps experiencing over a period of time. You need to understand that though depression is all about sadness, ALL sadness is not depression.

Sadness is a part of normal human existence and we all have experienced varying degrees of sadness throughout our lives.

Irrespective of age, sex, financial stability and life circumstances, some amount of sadness definitely plays peek-a-boo during our lifetimes.

When Does Sadness Turn Into Clinical Depression?

Sadness gets transformed into clinical depression only when the feelings of sadness start to get more persistent, more intense, more frequent and of course accompanied with more symptoms like hopelessness, despondency, worthlessness, loss of interest and in severe cases- suicidal thoughts.

How to Deal With Depression

Depression needs a combined approach that includes a lot of emotional support, counseling and medications in severe cases. While all these factors are external and need input from others to work, I would love to draw your attention to something that brings in the most favorable results. Yeah, I am talking about self help here.

The best way to deal with depression is to stop letting it overpower you.

Read on to find 5 valuable tips to achieve control over your depression.

Tip # 1- Take Help from Loved Ones

You really cannot ignore the value of emotional support when dealing with clinical depression. And who else would offer the required emotional support other than your family and loved ones? The biggest problem here is that you need to ASK.

No matter how caring your loved ones might be, they might not always be aware of the emotional issues you are going through, unless you explicitly declare it to them. I know that this is what makes this tip the toughest to do. Human beings can be very complex at times. They do feel embarrassed and ashamed to ask for help from people who matter the most.

Don’t worry; let me try and help to make it easier for you by breaking down this tip to easier and doable actions:

  • Try opening up to someone whom you feel really close to, like your mom, dad, sibling, partner, spouse or child.
  • If that does not work or if you have no close family relationships, try opening up to your friend, colleague, a neighbor or maybe your counselor.
  • Try to visit your family if they stay close or ask someone there to check on you or call you up regularly.
  • If nothing works, try to offer company to others like you who are looking for support but cannot confide in their family.

Tip # 2-Nurture Yourself

We need no reminders to nurture and take care of a sick person, especially when that person is family. But guess what? There is no one more closer to you than your own self. Take good care of yourself, as you would take care of any other sick person.

Pay attention to your appearance as well, because one of the first signs of depression is that people tend to lose interest in properly grooming and dressing themselves. Going around with a shabby appearance is NOT going to help anyone, at least not you.

Here are some suggestions for you to try out:

Make use of old wisdom and try to implement the ‘early to bed and early to rise’ lifestyle. The time before dawn is super charged with innumerable benefits, and that is why you should take advantage of this golden opportunity. Either enjoy an early morning walk or meditate or indulge in some relaxation techniques at this time. It is a great time to carry out your fitness / exercise routines as well.

If you are a believer, then pray Tahajjud, because this is the best of the voluntary prayers and is associated with tremedous divine help, blessings and mercy.

Tip # 3- Learn Some Effective Relaxation Techniques

You have a variety of effective relaxation techniques to choose from. Choose one that suits your temperament and physical fitness. Some of the choices you have are Yoga, Pranayama or breathing exercises, Zen meditation techniques, Reiki, muscle relaxation exercises etc.

Some important points for you to take note of:

Stress plays an important role in all of our lives nowadays. While it is highly recommended that you learn and implement at least one of the effective relaxation techniques that I mentioned above, please do not forget how important it is to AVOID stress as much as you can.

Adopt an easy or laid back approach whenever you have to confront things that stress you out. Nothing is as important as your own well-being and everything that undermines it should be avoided.

Tip# 4- Diet to Cure Depression

Yeah, you read that right. Your diet has a huge role to play in your wellbeing. You may respond to that by with an emphatic “DUH”. But what I meant to say is that all of us know that our diet affects our physical health. But very few people realize that what you pile on your plate can have a direct effect on what goes on in your minds.

A good rule of thumb is to stick to a healthy, well balanced diet. And the most important of all is to avoid the culprit foods that throw your system into a mess. Too much of condiments like salt and sugar, foods with preservatives and hormones, junk food in general and stuff like coffee, alcohol etc all belong to the culprit food category.

Bananas, spinach and brown rice have all been proved to have a positive effect on your mood and overall mental wellbeing. Speak to your physician to know if chromium supplements are a good fit for you.

Other than the points mentioned above, try to pay attention to the following measures as well:

It helps a lot to have a healthy routine for your meals. No matter how healthy your food is if you are not following a healthy time schedule for it, then it all goes to waste. Also, too much of food can actually reduce your longevity.

Tip # 5- Develop Positive Thinking

This one is easier said than done, because it is your negative thinking pattern that makes you feel depressed and sad in the first place. Positive thinking is easier to implement if you first understand the logic behind it. Positive thinking is not to fool your mind or force it to think how brilliantly the sun is shining when in reality it a dark, gloomy and cloudy night. No, not at all!

Instead you could think that it could have been a lot more awful. Thank goodness that it is not as bad! You get my point?

Here are some more helpful tips that could help you avoid your negative thinking habit:

Avoid being around negative people. You know what they say about you are what your friends are? Think of how the situation could have turned worse and once you do that you’ll appreciate the positivity in it.

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