5 Motivation Techniques to Accelerate Success

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Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm”- Winston Churchill. Another word for enthusiasm is motivation and that says a lot about the significance of motivation for achieving success in life.

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We Are All Looking for Success

Success is something we all hold dear to our hearts. We look forward to favorable conclusions at the end of our endeavors. But success means different things for different folks.

While some of us are looking for success in financial matters, some want success in love, some are looking for success in professional matters etc. But basically we all want to succeed in life.

Motivation and Success Are Interrelated

We already discussed in the introduction about how crucial motivation is to achieving success. Since yesterday’s post already dealt with using 5 general motivation tips to succeed in daily life, today’s post is focused on something more specific.

It is about using certain motivation techniques to accelerate the achievement of success and is a sequel to yesterday’s post on motivation tips.

1) Creating a To-do List

The first step in using motivation techniques is to have a clear understanding of what is need to done. You ought to have a crystal clear understanding of your goals and targets before you set out to achieving successful completion of those.

While this motivation technique may seem to be a bit too simple, you will realize the importance of having such a list of goals, only AFTER you finish writing them down. Your goals and targets are scattered in your mind. But the moment you get them down on a list you can focus better on them. You are free to take out or add to this initial list as you progress towards the next motivation technique.

2) Battling Your Excuses

Once the to-do list of your targets or goals is written down and clearly visible, you will do one of two things mentioned next. You will either roll up your sleeves and start working on each task in the to-do list OR you will procrastinate. When you procrastinate doing a task on your to-do list of goals, you will undeniably have some excuses geared up to justify your procrastination.

This is when you bring in your second motivation technique into action. Declare war against your excuses and do not spare them until you finish each of them with an appropriate solution. For example if the task on your to-do list is to get a promotion at your workplace and you have a list of excuses holding you back from achieving it like:

“I lack certain skills, I am an introvert, I cannot handle the extra responsibilities that come with the job etc”.

Take each of the excuses and write down a practical solution to negate the excuse. For example if your excuse is that you lack certain skills, negate it by writing down the name of the professional course / training that will help you achieve those skills. Keep doing this until you exhaust all of your excuses with a practical and doable solution.

3) Register Your Achievements

This is a very important motivation technique that will accelerate you towards success. One of the greatest obstacles to your success is the belief lingering in your subconscious that you are incapable or incompetent. The best way to override this obstacle is to oppose it with evidence of your capability.

This can be accomplished by registering or recording each positive action that you take towards achieving your goal. Unsuccessful people have a tendency to focus on failures (which may be fewer in number) and overlook their accomplishments (even if they are comparatively more).

You have to reprogram your subconscious if you want to achieve success. Start recording your accomplishments, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem to you. Over time you will see a shift and your subconscious will adapt to the change and stop throwing hurdles in the path of your success.


4) Rewarding Your Attempts

You already took a giant leap towards attaining success by putting the previous motivation technique into action, i.e. to record your accomplishments. Now you simply have to smoothen the process with this motivation technique of rewarding your accomplishments. Rewards should be tangible like getting yourself a treat, buying stuff for yourselves etc. Doing this will help to corroborate the overall confidence and positivity set up by the previous motivation techniques


5) Visualizing Your Goals

The final motivation technique is to keep visualizing your goals. You should have a clear and vivid picture of your success, created to perfection in your mind. This mental picture must have all the minute details like clothes you will wear, the things you will do, the people you will meet and things you will say when you finally achieve your goals.


These 5 motivation techniques work better when used in combination with each other and in the order of writing. Remember that the only way to guarantee results is to be consistent in your actions. So adopt these motivation techniques as a part of your daily life to ensure guaranteed success.

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